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Chapter 13 Trustees

At Court Compass we still provide the easiest way to make Chapter 13 plan payments for the debtor. Only now … we offer additional ways to pay and the cost of conve­nience has just gone down.

Tax Resolution

Court Compass has recognized a need in the tax resolution space and offers fixed cost processing to companies intervening on the behalf of people needing assistance with the IRS to pay back taxes.


Take a look at the most powerful chargeback management tool on the planet. ALL the information you need to successfully manage your chargebacks. ALL the information… think about that.

Who is Court Compass?

Brad is Chief Operating Officer and a founding member of Court Compass with a 15 year history in the payment processing industry.  Integrations and relationships drive him to create custom solutions to benefit everyone he works with.  Brad enjoys time traveling with his family for sports related events and classic cars.

Gary serves Chief Technology Officer and Technical Architect roles for several software solution companies.  He has over 30 years of technology experience with financial and education software solutions, working at various times as an employee, consultant, officer, and owner.

Stan is our Chief Executive Officer and all around marketing guy. Stan has a long history of entrepreneurism and graphic design know how. When not working on Court Compass, Stan enjoys fishing, building his Jeep, and spending time with his wife and kids.