All the information for managing your Chargebacks in one place. ALL the information... think about that.

Court Compass spent many months helping our payment processing clients track and rebut cardholder disputes and found the tools available made it difficult at best. The particulars of any chargeback were spread over many sites and documents. Merchants found it near impossible to do the detective work necessary to gather all the details of the charge, and the terminology used by the processors and banks was very difficult for the layman to understand. This shared experience sent Court Compass down the road of not only learning all we could about the process and the pitfalls of chargebacks, but to also create a system with which the average person could handle any volume of chargebacks quickly and easily.

The system we created we named Sentinel… and it’s an easy-to-use and understand chargeback management dashboard. It gathers ALL the information needed to satisfy the requirements of the banks, allows you to attach all the supporting documentation to the rebuttal, and makes the delivery of the information and supporting documents as easy as a click.

Easy to read dashboard interface

Searchable and sortable

Cardholder name is included

Refunds are accomplished with a simple click of a button

Dispute documentation and written responses are uploaded with one click

Time stamped progress logs are automatically updated

Submit a rebuttal on pre-arbitration cases

A custom URL for tracking your merchant’s activity

Representative that worked the case is identified

Daily, weekly, or monthly reports on wins and losses

Email notification of chargeback activity

On-boarding manual for easy walk throughs with your merchants

Help videos built right into the dashboard

In the creation of Sentinel, we have kept to our tenets and created a best-in-class product, saving merchants valuable hours tracking and rebutting chargebacks… guiding the user through the complexity of banking terminology with easier to understand layman’s terms.

The Sentinel team at Court Compass is excited to share with you the most powerful chargeback management platform on the planet. Schedule your demonstration today.