Chapter 13 Trustees

Extraordinary Service

What is new at Court Compass? Many things! We have reduced the cost of using a debit card by 30%. When a debtor uses their debit card, the funds are sent to the Trustee’s account the very next day. We have reduced the cost for a debtor using their personal checking account to just $3.95 per transaction. Keep in mind that there is still a 6 business day holding period before funds are released to the Trustee’s office. This protects the Trustee from any issues that may arise concerning the availability of funds. Also, debtors receiving a disability benefit or a social security benefit directly to a Direct Express Benefit Card from the government can now use that card and the fee is a low and constant $5.00 per transaction. With this card the payment is also deposited into the Trustee’s account the very next day. Debtors still have the 24/7 access to the online payment site, still have access to our FAQ page, can still see their payment history at a glance, still receive an electronic payment receipt upon checkout, and still receive excellent and timely email support. Now, with one click, the debtor can send a copy of that receipt directly to the Trustee’s office if they are on a dismissal docket . We still provide the easiest way to make plan payments for the debtor and now work with all of the Case Management Software providers. Only now … we offer additional ways to pay and the cost of conve­nience has just gone down . Reach out to Court Compass today and allow us to demonstrate for you the benefits of using our online payment platform.

Features and Benefits

  • No cost, no contract to the Trustee ever
    Enables the Trustee to offer a true online option at no expense
  • Automated System
    Data is handled in the background with your case management software provides
  • Next Day/ Direct deposit system with debit card or Direct Express Benefit Card payments
    We batch process card transactions at 6PM so that all funds are deposited the very next day
  • No account set up for debtor
    Once the case record is uploaded, the service is available 24/7
  • We accept debit cards, Direct Express Benefit Cards, and ACH
    True online option - not a scheduled account withdrawal
  • Debtor payment history is available on the site
    No toggling between websites to look at "old" data
  • Round-trip solution
    Debtor records are updated with an executable file from us each and every day
  • Fund tracking
    No "lost" or "unidentified" transactions
  • Customizable interface
    Trustee can decide which functions are available for their office
  • No data entry
    Executable file updates you debtor records in your CMS